What is Hosted Lead Generation?

Hosted Lead Generation is the practice where an Advertiser collects Internet Leads by allowing Affiliates to host the Advertiser’s web form. The lead data collected is then transmitted to the Advertiser via some method of Internet Lead Delivery. A common type of Hosted Lead Generation is in co-registration, whereby consumers may opt-in for multiple offers while registering for one primary offer.

Another example of Hosted Lead Generation is purchasing leads from lead aggregators (websites that collect and distribute leads for a particular product or service to buyers based on specific criteria). A common example of a lead aggregator is a mortgage quote site. A consumer will submit information on a form requesting to be matched with up to four mortgage brokers for quotes. The site matches the lead with buyers based on the criteria of the lead. Web based products like LeadConduit can help buyers or sellers get the most of their hosted campaigns by managing the lead acquisition process.